Everything means something


I've had this thought all day going round my head, this wondering. I love to art journal, and I love to,watch YouTube art journal videos. I am wondering, do others out there have to have everything on the page be meaningful in some way, or do you just put elements together?

For me, when I do a page, it all has meaning, every element, every color, everything. I work intuitively for the most part, but as I do it, it all has meaning. It sometimes means pages get stuck or take longer until I figure out what it needs.


Do your pages and elements always mean something or do you just create pages?


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  1. For me, not everything in my art journal pages or my art work has a specific meaning. Like you, a lot of my work is meticulous in that each element to the art has meaning. I get stuck because I can’t correctly translate on paper what I feel. I can’t get the elements right. I feel they contradict one another so I get stuck until finally it comes to me. Those are the pieces I put up and let rest until I know what to do.

    Some of the art I do is free style, no intended meaning, those are easier to do. I find if I think too much about the piece it is harder to complete.

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