J52-rise above


This page means something to me personally. The prompt of rise above is what I did from my past.  I rose above it. 

My fire needs work but I love the meaning of this page.  


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  1. This is the one that when I saw it I said, whoa!!
    Your message came across loud and clear!
    The word survivor across the eyes says to me that it’s how you see, think and respond to challenges. It’s in the eyes and on the clothes worn. It hints to the fight or flight response with fight winning the battle. I see PTSD written all over this.

    While looking at these and reading I see a lot of strength in your words and the art itself. Several are so good you could frame them bad boys!

    The prompt ideas are great. I like the one about if I had a million dollars. I might have to write about that one.

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