Summer- journal 52


I finally gav in trying to come up with an idea for the prompt summer. I decided to just start and see what happened.  This is what I ended up with.  It’s cute and I like it.  
I started with some modeling paste. I originally put it randomly on the page. Then I scraped that off after I decided to put it in the grass.   I used green spray ink for the grass with some gelato on top. For the sky I used blue spray ink in several colors.  
The small flowers and the yellow bird were in my bits container. The big flower I did separately using silks glazes. I wish you could see the sparkle through the screen.  The stems I drew by hand and colored in. The birds I stamped onto tissue paper then colored in with silks and twinkling h20’s then I tore around the edge and glued it down.  To further hide the tissue paper I smeared some gelato on with my fingers.  The butterflies are a punch I colored with the same silks.  The sun I drew and colored on a dictionary page then cut out.  
There is no message or quote with this page, but I like it anyways.  


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