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WIPocalypse update 1- cross Stitch


I didn’t participate last year in this yearly cross stitch event. This year I have decided to participate.

Seeing as I am starting a bit late, this will be my intro and my first update.

I don’t actually have very many goals for this year. I started the year with 3 main stitchy goals, one of which I’ve already completed (I just have to mail it out). I can’t share that until the recipient receives it. For the fun of it, I’ll add a few more goals.

My main goal is to finish first HAED, Mistress of Wolves. I started this years ago, then lost interest with all the dark colors. When they started to have challenges on the HAED Facebook group, I pulled this back out. It’s had my attention since.

Here is where I started the year on this- This is Mistress of Wolves, HAED-Galbreth (retired) 28 ct 1×1 full cross.

I started the year with 7 partial pages to Stitch. My main goal this year is to finish this.

Here is where I am as of today-

In order to finish this piece I have been neglecting my current Chatelaine- French Country Kitchen. I would love to have the center done by the end of the year. Here is where I am currently-

Here is what it will look like in a few years-

Just for the fun of it I’ll add this. I actually love this and it would be great if I could get this done.

Onto the January Questions-

I am not participating in any SALs this year. I’m dedicated to getting Mistress finished.

For the olympics I will be stitching just on Mistress. I’d love to have another entire page done.


One little thing


I think people have a misconception about depression and suicide. After the suicides this past year of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, I heard and read lots of talk about how they seemed fine days before or they gave no hints to loved ones that they needed help.

As someone with several mental illnesses, the idea that suicide always follows a long period of depression is wrong. Sure it does happen that way for some people. But not always.

Sometimes though a person can be going along fine, and all it takes is one little seemingly insignificant thing to happen. Suddenly there are tears and The loss of what tiny self worth I possess. When that fragile, tiny self worth is gone, it causes a damn to break and suddenly I’m questioning my life and if it’s worth it.

Suicide is always there, always a thought at the back of my head, but I can be totally fine and then suddenly I’m being pulled under by the currents with no will left to fight.



I usually use two colors in a background.  Today I used three on this page.  I like the effect.  You can’t tell in the photo but the rectangles in the background have texture.   The idea behind this page is to believe in something other than yourself. Whatever higher power you believe in isn’t as important as believing in something.