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WIPocalypse update 1- cross Stitch


I didn’t participate last year in this yearly cross stitch event. This year I have decided to participate.

Seeing as I am starting a bit late, this will be my intro and my first update.

I don’t actually have very many goals for this year. I started the year with 3 main stitchy goals, one of which I’ve already completed (I just have to mail it out). I can’t share that until the recipient receives it. For the fun of it, I’ll add a few more goals.

My main goal is to finish first HAED, Mistress of Wolves. I started this years ago, then lost interest with all the dark colors. When they started to have challenges on the HAED Facebook group, I pulled this back out. It’s had my attention since.

Here is where I started the year on this- This is Mistress of Wolves, HAED-Galbreth (retired) 28 ct 1×1 full cross.

I started the year with 7 partial pages to Stitch. My main goal this year is to finish this.

Here is where I am as of today-

In order to finish this piece I have been neglecting my current Chatelaine- French Country Kitchen. I would love to have the center done by the end of the year. Here is where I am currently-

Here is what it will look like in a few years-

Just for the fun of it I’ll add this. I actually love this and it would be great if I could get this done.

Onto the January Questions-

I am not participating in any SALs this year. I’m dedicated to getting Mistress finished.

For the olympics I will be stitching just on Mistress. I’d love to have another entire page done.


Mistress of Wolves update


I can’t recall the last update on Mistress I shared here.   I’ve made great progress on it this year.  2018 will be the year i finish my first HAED.  Here is where I currently am and a photo of the entire piece.   

Mistress of Wolves, HAED, Galbreth (retired), 28ct, 1×1 full cross 

Just a peak 


I’ve not shared any cross stitch in awhile.   I’m working on a gift for a friend who happens to read this blog. About 6 months I was wandering around hobby lobby.  The moment I saw this, I knew who it was for.    I’m just about half done with it.  How about a peak?  I’m working solely on this piece until it is finished.  I think a month or 6 weeks and it will be finished.   

tree of Stitches


I also cross stitch. I actually have a separate cross stitch blog, but I don't want to bother with 2 anymore. I will be combining the 2. In the meantime here is something I finished last week.

Tree of Stitches, Abi Gruden, stitched on 32 count hand dyed jobelyn.


I loved stitching this. I plan to stitch this in all the different seasons. I'm unsure if I'll do whites for winter or greens for summer next.