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This page is titled blossom but I didn’t want to use a flower as the main image.   The blossom is of the woman-her ability to love, to accept love.  The bright background is the fear, the unsureness.  




I usually use two colors in a background.  Today I used three on this page.  I like the effect.  You can’t tell in the photo but the rectangles in the background have texture.   The idea behind this page is to believe in something other than yourself. Whatever higher power you believe in isn’t as important as believing in something.  

However long the night- j52 dawn 


I have a backlog of posts to share. I get behind in sharing art journal pages.  Truth I went through a long dry spell this year.  

On this page I was trying out my new black gesso.  I love how the black really lets the rays shine.  This page in retrospect looks forced. It would have looked better on smaller paper with the entire page showing the rays with the words over top.