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I love this page.  Another page that came together quickly.  Here I have the live life, enjoy life and not let the cage of the past trap me.  To do so I have to always keep watch.   


I am 


Here is where everything starts to take a turn.  I did an online woman’s retreat during the summer.  As part of that I did these 2 pages.   The instructions were to not think about it and basically just cut and glue.  I really enjoyed this page and it has meaning for me.  
This was really a return to my art journaling roots.   Somewhere along the way, I allowed you tube videos of others pages to let me feel my pages were not good enough.  Instead of allowing my art to come from within I began to try creating pages.   This has simply never worked for me as art has always come intuitively for me.  If I over think, I become blocked.