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Mistress of Wolves update


I can’t recall the last update on Mistress I shared here.   I’ve made great progress on it this year.  2018 will be the year i finish my first HAED.  Here is where I currently am and a photo of the entire piece.   

Mistress of Wolves, HAED, Galbreth (retired), 28ct, 1×1 full cross 


Just a peak 


I’ve not shared any cross stitch in awhile.   I’m working on a gift for a friend who happens to read this blog. About 6 months I was wandering around hobby lobby.  The moment I saw this, I knew who it was for.    I’m just about half done with it.  How about a peak?  I’m working solely on this piece until it is finished.  I think a month or 6 weeks and it will be finished.   

tree of Stitches


I also cross stitch. I actually have a separate cross stitch blog, but I don't want to bother with 2 anymore. I will be combining the 2. In the meantime here is something I finished last week.

Tree of Stitches, Abi Gruden, stitched on 32 count hand dyed jobelyn.


I loved stitching this. I plan to stitch this in all the different seasons. I'm unsure if I'll do whites for winter or greens for summer next.






Art journal-cross stitch



I love the olympics. I spent the last 2 weeks watching them.  I didn’t get any art journal entries done in that time.

As they are over now, I got back to some creativity. I start to get very grumpy when I neglect my creative side.

This was just a quick piece using some photos of my cross-stitch pieces that I found while working on a vacation smash/photo book

Lazy Daisy- NaBloPoMo day 3


Seeing as I work in retail, weekends are very busy for me. My coworkers and I waited on nearly400 customers in the deli this weekend. Obviously I am quite tired.  My brain isn’t working it’s greatest.

As such my post today will be easy and thoughtless. I do hope to get some good posts in this month.

I love to cross stitch- I usually post all things cross stitch related to my cross stitch blog-Patchwork Stitches.

Today’s entry will be a photo of what I stitched on most recently. Image

Those are lazy daisy stitches that I put into a very intricate piece I’m working on. Also this past week I stitched the crane as well as the bridge.

Most people think of cross stitch as boring, or what their grandparent did to pass time. While it is true that my nana taught me, I cross stitch because I find it meditative. It relaxes me. Gives my brain a chance to turn off and not think as cross stitch takes concentration.

What do you do to relax?